Portsmouth Poetry Schools competition

Portsmouth Poetry is pleased to announce a poetry competition for Portsmouth Schools as part of Ports Fest (the Portsmouth Festivities).

The competition is open to Primary Schools (Key Stages 1 & 2) and Secondary Schools (Key Stages 3 & 4). The 4 winners in the Key Stages will be awarded a £10 book token and £50 of book tokens for their school. Ports Fest are delighted to support this wonderful creative writing initiative and will be awarding the overall winner of the poetry competition a £50 book token and publishing the winning entries online.

The rules are very simple

1: The poems must reflect the theme of Ports Fest 2021 “Remember, Reimagine, Reset”. This can be interpreted in any way. Entries can be inspired by the whole phrase or just one of the words.

2: Poems must be submitted electronically to portsmouthpoetry@hotmail.com or by post to:  Ports Fest, The Portsmouth Grammar School, High Street, Portsmouth, PO1 2LN. Write “Poetry Competition” on the envelope so it will get to us straight away.

3: Please ensure we can identify who wrote the poem, the Key Stage and the school!

4: The closing date for submitting entries is Sunday 27 June

5: The schools will be informed of the winning entries and the winners and individual winning poems will be published on the Portsmouth Poetry website https://www.portsmouthpoetry.co.uk/ and the Ports Fest website https://portsfest.co.uk/news on Sunday 4 Jul

TOP TIPS: the judges will be looking for interesting ideas. They will want to see the use of figures of speech such as similies, metaphors and personification. Don’t over-complicate your poem – simplicity can be very powerful. Remember the important things are often the ordinary things we take for granted . Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme, if you choose to do so don’t force words to rhyme or use rhyming words that don’t fit what you are writing about. Try reading your poem out loud – the sound of words can be very important.

Good Luck, we look forward to reading your poems!

If you have any questions contact portsmouthpoetry@hotmail.com


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