Ukraine Benefit Concert

We are over the moon to announce that we will be hosting a Ukraine Benefit Concert on June 15th at Portsmouth Cathedral featuring Carlos Bonell along with Debra Adamson-Brattland, Zoe Barnett, Marley Blandford and Igor Outkine. All proceeds will be going to charity. One of the key features of Ports Fest is to give back to the community through our events and providing a platform for local artists. However, our passion for helping doesn’t end there. Much like everyone else, we have felt incredibly saddened to hear of the attack on Ukraine and have been thinking of ways we can provide useful help. It is because of this that we are so proud to be able to have this concert. Please support this Ports Fest cause and come and see one of the greatest communicators of the guitar world with support from other national and local musician Head to our Events tab to book your ticket!

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Ukraine Benefit Concert

Ports Fest announces the Ukraine Benefit Concert on 17th June featuring outstanding guitarist Carlos Bonell and friends.

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